LankaBangla is the market leader in Capital Market Services and giving all-out effort to develop an efficient, vibrant and transparent capital market in Bangladesh. LankaBangla Securities Limited, a subsidiary of LankaBangla Finance Limited, is providing top notch brokerage services and leading the industry with cutting edge trading, top rated research and customer service. Another subsidiary, LankaBangla Investment Limited, is premier investment bank in the country providing corporate advisory, issue management and portfolio management services. LankaBangla Asset Management Company Limited (LBAMCL) provides Mutual Fund Management Services, Corporate Fund Management Services, Alternative Fund Management Services and Advisory Services.

LankaBangla Securities Limited is the largest brokerage house in terms of transaction value for the 12th consecutive year in DSE.

LankaBangla Investments Limited is the market leader in Primary Market Services, bringing the largest number of IPOs in recent past. It has successfully dealt with a number of capital structuring deals and merger and acquisition deals.

LankaBangla provides top notch research services to its clients which includes equity research, industry research, daily/weekly market updates, a monthly publication (Market Pulse) and yearly Bangladesh Investment Guide.

An exclusive website dedicated to the investor community named LankaBangla Financial Portal; containing all kinds of information about the financial sector and capital market of Bangladesh.